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Operation for serving mix

*Do not plug in the machine before instructed to do so!
1. Make sure machine was properly cleaned before using
2. Place scraper blades onto auger
3. Inside the freezing chamber, make sure the rubber coupler on the drive shaft is seated all the way and has adequate lubricant (food-grade).
4. Insert assembled auger into the freezing chamber; make sure to align the hole in the auger with the drive shaft.
5. Place the cover and nozzle assembly onto the freezing chamber and tighten the thumbscrews until snug; do not overtighten or the gasket will be pinched. If needed, apply food-grade lubricant to the two o-rings on the stainless steel dispensing cylinder.
6. Rotate the ‘hook’ on the cover assembly to sit over the handle
7. In the mix hopper, place the stainless steel tube into the drain, so that the hole in the tube is not visible above the drain.
8. Add the mix to the hopper and place the cover on; make sure the low level light is not on
9. Make sure the left rocker switch switch is set to ‘Off’ (‘O’ icon, the middle position), the right toggle switch is set to ‘Standby’, then plug the machine in.
10. Move the rocker switch to the ‘AUTO’ position (snowflake icon), and make sure the dial next to the toggle switch is turned all the way to the right (clockwise when looking underneath).
11. Wait ~ten or fifteen minutes
12. Open the cover of the mix hopper and flip the tube, making sure the hole is at the very top of the tube when flipped. The mix will start to enter the freezing chamber.
13. Flip the right toggle switch from ‘Standby’ to ‘Normal Operation’
14. Wait for mix to start cooling down in the freezing chamber (~five minutes)
15. Tap the handle up so the machine runs; then test a small sample.
16. If mixture is too runny, tap the handle up to make the machine run and wait for another five minutes; repeat if necessary until mix is thick
17. Serve delicious frozen yogurt!

Cleaning procedure

1. Run machine until product is almost all gone; it will start to come out in pulses when mix in freezing chamber is running low.
2. Turn the right toggle switch from ‘Normal Operation’ to ‘Standby’, and the left rocker switch to the middle ‘O’ position.
3. Pour a bucket of warm (not hot) water with cleaning agent (pot and pan mix in kitchen works) into the mix hopper with the tube still flipped up with the hole at the very top.
4. Flip the left rocker switch to the ‘WASH’ setting (the faucet icon). The auger will begin to turn inside the freezing chamber.
5. Wait ~one minute for the soapy water to agitate inside the freezing chamber
6. Place an empty bucket under the dispensing spout, remove the tube from the hopper, and hold the dispensing handle up to run the cleaner out from the freezing chamber.
7. Repeat steps 3-6 with warm water only to flush the soapy mix out of the machine; do this until crystal clear water comes out.
8. Flip the left rocker switch to the middle ‘O’ position and unplug the machine.
9. Clean any areas that may have gotten mix on them, and wash the drip tray
10. Disassemble components for drying; they can be placed in the mix hopper if needed, but please be careful to not bump the low-level sensor inside
11. Pull a clean, dry cloth or towel through the freezing chamber to remove excess water, and wipe down any other excessively wet areas

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