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Projector Troubleshooting

  • If your projector is making a loud noise, check to see if there are any indicator lights on the projector itself telling you what might be going on; typically there is a temp light and a lamp light that will be red if there is an issue. In either case, let Matt H. know and he will stop down to resolve this.
  • If you are not seeing your laptop screen projected when you are docked or connected to the projector cable, your display settings may need to be changed. You can check this by right-clicking anywhere on your desktop, then select 'Display Settings'. Here, there should be a heading entitled 'Multiple Displays' with a drop-down box below it. Depending on what you want to have set, it should say 'Duplicate these displays' or 'Extend these displays'; if it says 'Show only on…' then you will want to change this to one of the other two settings. This setting seems to like to change when your laptop is powered on, removed, and then replaced onto your dock.
  • If neither of these solutions resolve the issue you are seeing, please let Matt H. know.
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