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These instructions are for the LulzBot TAZ 6 printer.


Cura LulzBot Edition

If you haven't used the Cura slicing software on a particular computer account before, when you start the software it will present you with a few options to configure. Do as follows:

  • Select 'LulzBot TAZ 6' from the machine selection:
  • Select 'Single Extruder' (default) from the first head selection:
  • Select 'Single Extruder v2.1' (default) from the second head selection:
  • Once the software has started, ensure that 'Beginner' is selected from the 'Material ease of use' drop down selection, and that either 'PLA (Verbatium)' or 'PLA (Village Plastics)' is selected from the 'Material' drop down:
  • Some 3D models might need a support structure to print properly. This will take more time to print and use more material, so use your best judgement to determine if there are areas of your model that have any empty space beneath them:
  • Also note that you can manipulate the size and positioning of the 3D model once it's loaded in the slicing software. You may need to do this to ensure proper print adhesion to the bed.
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